Retreat to Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

You are always welcome to retreat at the temple. If you want an intensive retreat and only meditate, it is good if you talk to us in advance about how and when you want to do it, for your own sake, you can also drop in. It happens though that the temple is locked.

Wat Dalarnavanaram (Temple of Dalarna Forests), is located in a quiet and calm environment well suited for meditation.

Daily routine

06.00 Group meditation in the hall

11.00 Lunch

18.00 Group meditation in the hall

Group meditation: We meditate for normally 1h and then reciting from the Buddhawajana. This is a good time to ask questions.

Meals: People often come with gifts and the meals varies after what is given to the temple. If you have any allergies, there is food here to prepare. It is good for the meditation to eat only once a day, you can eat something light morning and evening if you wish.


We follow the precepts to practice our Sila (morality) for the safety and happyness of all beings, to have a clean conscience, quiet the mind to better concentrate on meditation.

1. Refrain from killing any living being

2. Refrain from stealing

3. Refrain from sexual activity

4. Refrain from lying

5. Refrain from drugs

6. Refrain from eating more then once a day

7. Refrain from entertainment, singing, music, dance, using perfumes, wearing garlands, beautifying the body, rituals and so on.

8. Refrain from lying on high or luxurious sleeping places.